What is the Ireland Wales Programme?

The Ireland Wales 2014-2020 European Territorial Co-operation (ETC) programme is a maritime programme connecting organisations, businesses and communities on the West coast of Wales with the South-East coast of Ireland.

The programme is one of a family of ETC programmes which provide opportunities for regions in the EU to work together to address common economic, environmental and social challenges.  

The Ireland Wales programme focuses on seeking solutions to shared challenges on both sides of the Irish sea,  to improve the economic and sustainable development priorities of Wales and Ireland.

The programme focuses on: 

  • Cross border innovation
  • Adaptation of the Irish Sea and Coastal Communities to Climate Change
  • Cultural and Natural Resources and Heritage

A full list of projects is available here. Further details about each project can be found on our projects page.

The Welsh Government manages the programme with partners, the Southern Regional Assembly (SRA) and the Department for Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER).

The overall value of the programme is €100m, utilising €79m from the European Union’s European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Ireland Wales programme and Brexit

Article 50 has been extended meaning the UK will continue to have all the rights and responsibilities of an EU member state.

During this extension, UK organisations remain eligible to bid for funding, and approved project partners should continue delivering and making payment claims, throughout the extension period.

The extension period is designed to ensure that a withdrawal agreement is in place before EU Exit, but in the event of a no deal, the government guarantee remains in place for UK project partners.

More information on the implications of a 'no-deal' Brexit on the Ireland-Wales and ETC programmes can be found can be found on the Preparing Wales website.


Ireland Wales Programme 2007-2013

Please Note: Project partners should be aware that since 5th February 2021 the document retention period for the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-2013 has passed.

Download Documents

  • EU Funds: Ireland Wales Co-operation programme 2014-2020 citizen’s summary document

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  • Ireland Wales Co-operation programme 2014-2020 summary document

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  • Ireland Wales Factsheet Jan 2017

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  • Ireland Wales territorial cooperation programme 2014 to 2020: mid-term evaluation

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  • Ireland Wales territorial cooperation programme 2014 to 2020: mid-term evaluation (summary)

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