Applying for funding

Organisations from the public, private and third sector can apply for EU funding. Projects must involve at least one partner organisation from Wales and Ireland, with one organisation taking on the role of lead partner.

There are 2 stages to applying for funding. These are:

The Pre–Planning Stage

The Pre–Planning Stage

If you have an idea for a project involving Welsh and Irish partners, please email us and we’ll contact you to discuss your idea:

We may then invite you to provide further details to help us to identify the suitability of your proposed project for EU funding (i.e. complete an Operation Logic Table (OLT).

When there is sufficient evidence, the information will be submitted to our Programme Technical Group for a decision. If successful, you will be invited into the Business Planning stage.

Further information is available in the Stage 1 pre-planning guidance and an overview of the process in the Implementation Arrangements document.



Breda Curran
Ireland Wales Operation’s Officer
Tel: +353 (0)51 318101


Linda Weaver
Head of Joint Secretariat, Ireland Wales Programme
Tel: 03000 255484


The Business Planning Stage

It is at this stage that you will start to develop your business plan working closely with your assigned Operations Officer. Your business plan will be formally assessed against the following selection criteria:

  • Strategic Fit including cross border co-operation
  • Delivery
  • Financial & Compliance
  • Management of Operation
  • Indicators & Outcomes
  • Value for Money
  • Long Term Sustainability
  • Suitability of Investment
  • Cross Cutting Themes

Further information is available in the Stage 2 business planning guidance and an overview of the process in the Implementation Arrangements document.

Applying for funding


The programme eligibility rules and guidance document helps you understand and apply the rules and conditions when applying for EU funding. It sets out the methods of calculating and declaring eligible costs. It also lists the eligible activities and the location of those activities.



The Wales Ireland Networking (WIN3) Scheme provides financial support to organisations travelling overseas to meet or seek potential partners. The aim is to increase the formation of new partnerships in Ireland and Wales.

The scheme offers a €250.00 payment towards travel and subsidence costs. While the scheme is primarily aimed at voluntary, charity and community-based organisations, public sector organisations are also eligible to apply.  Full details can be found in the rules, eligibility criteria and procedures document.

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