Guidance for project proposals and approved projects for the Ireland Wales Programme 2014-2020

A range of guidance is available to help ensure you develop and deliver your EU funded project

Throughout the life-cycle of the project, organisations will receive ongoing support to ensure the project is successfully delivering and is meeting its aims and targets.

This support includes:

  • Review meetings, usually quarterly, to monitor the progress of the project
  • On-going guidance around the financial claims process
  • Verifications to cover administrative, financial, technical and physical aspects of the project.

Read the Implementation Arrangements Paper so you know what to expect when applying for funds and delivering your project.


Every project funded through the Ireland Wales programme must embed activity into the delivery of their project which focuses on:

  • Equal opportunities and non discrimination
  • Sustainable development
  • Equality between women and men 

These Cross Cutting Themes will ensure that the benefits of the EU funds are shared inclusively by people and communities in Wales and Ireland – improving both the quality and legacy of each project. Read the Cross Cutting Themes Matrix for further information.


It is important to plan for monitoring and evaluation at the start of your project so that you can demonstrate how you will manage the development of your project. It helps to identify how effective your project has been in delivering its original aims (e.g. numbers of businesses created and how many individuals have benefitted).


Read the general block exemption regulation (GBER) which provides state aid cover for categories of aid which are exempt from the European Commission’s (EC) formal notification process.


Organisations delivering EU-funded projects are required to provide data on the  the progress of projects, including performance against key targets such as the number of people and businesses participating, and outcomes such as jobs created or qualifications achieved.

This information can be found in the Guidance on indicator definitions, data and evidence requirements document.

The Enterprises Database reporting template can be found here


Download Documents

  • Programme eligibility rules and guidance

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  • Implementation arrangements

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  • Information and publicity guidance

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  • Monitoring and Evaluation Plan – Guidance

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  • Public procurement guidelines (for Irish beneficiaries only)

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  • Delivery Models Guidance

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  • Guidance on indicator definitions, data and evidence requirements

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  • Claiming arrangements - instructions for lead beneficiaries

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  • Information document explaining how the Welsh European Funding Office deals with personal data under the General Data Protection

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  • Cross Cutting Themes Matrix

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  • Final Claims Bulletin

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  • Preparing for Project Closure

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  • Project Closure FAQs

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  • COVID-19 Conditions of Support and FAQ Version 7

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  • EU Structural Funds - EU Exit Transition and Post Transition Period: FAQs

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